Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snow Ball Fight!

Snow Ball Fight by amymeme featuring merino wool gloves

I love Snow Ball Fights! I think this outfit would be absolutely perfect!
Sweet hearts by amymeme featuring one shoulder dresses

It's safe to say that I'm down in the dumps, sweet hearts (school dance) is coming up and well....I don't have anyone that I'm gonna ask or have the guts to ask :) but I love the idea of what can be worn!

Brown and Pink

Brown and Pink by amymeme featuring high heel shoes
Brown and Pink are two of my favorite colors some say they don't go well together but I like to think otherwise...

Pretty Geek

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I absolutely love these leggings its a great new trend, and the sweatshirt completes it! I think its also perfect because one of my best friends is an absolute geek but she has good fashion sense (with my help).