Thursday, October 18, 2012


Her is a cute punk outfit you can wear for a Halloween party... you'll get the guys

Two options

Here are two great outfit choices you could even take the cute knit sweater and place it over the dress, add some great leggings and little booties it would make a wonderful outfit!

Breast cancer

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Due to the fact its breast cancer aware month I put together a cute little outfit with some pretty pinks :)

Monday, October 15, 2012


I don't really know where you could wear this sparkle and shine of a dress but its gorgeous! Maybe you could wear it to a club or just a night out with the girls.


I absolutly love babies when they aren't crying or the other annoying things they do... I have three beautiful nieces the youngest is about ten months old and this is what I would dress her up in.


This is just a sweet little dress,jacket and gorgeous shoes to wear to any event or my event of choice engagement party. I also like the ring choice simple but beautiful.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Well I'm probably off for the rest of the day sooo goodbye hopefully I will be able to get some post up and ready for tomorrow due to the fact it hard to blog from school. Have a pleasant evening and day tomorrow ~Amelia 

couple cont...

Okay so we all see those couples that are running on the street as you drive past them. I kinda envy that but to get to my point, here is a cute combo you could put together especially now that the cool weather is starting to kick in especially where I'm from.

couple cont...

For the more brighter fall-spring days here is a great option filled with more vibrant color. 


So to build off my very brief men's segment (not enough clothes on polyvore) I'm gonna trail into the world of COUPLES! I think its so cute when a couple match (for the most part). Its cute so then they both look super nice and cute or they both look grungy, I'm gonna start with cute :)

Men's continue

There are lots of great places out there that serve as great places to purchase clothing but my favorite is Nordstrom... now especially due to the recent addition of Topshop and Topman my favorite place even though the prices are steep. 


It always pains me when I go out and see a cute couple, the girl majority of the time looks great but then you eye travels over to the guy and he just doesn't look as good. Well for those that read this blog and love the outfits for the girls now you can find the perfect outfit for the man or men in your life!

Friday, October 12, 2012


For those who love music and have some favorites I am trying to enter a contest and I would love your help! Here is a photo that I have to figure out who the singers are if you could help me that would be great!! Especially for number 4 & 5

Light weight :)

I just love this shirt! Stripes are so great! I also love the color and the lightness of this shirt!

Might be over... Whatever

I might have said that summer fashion and the time to wear it is over, but I still cannot go on with recognizing some of the cutest outfits I come across and put together!

Cute in Pink


My favorite color is PINK! I don't go over board with the use of this color but for the sake of wonderment I decided to make an outfit inspired by the color, and it just so happens to be Breast Cancer Aware month! My Aunt was affected by breast cancer and through great treatment she got rid of the cancer and is back on her feet again! Love you Lisa


So I love to make little outfits that remind me of certain fairytale characters so this is one I came up with for the princess- Cinderella

Winter Holiday

So when I am on my winter Holiday I like to look cute but its cold and I don't really feel like trying very hard on my outfits so this is what I came up with :)


It has come to my recent attention that one of my best friends is having a trouble some time figuring out what to wear for upcoming date. Its cold here in Minnesota but she doesn't want to sacrifice her warmth and comfort to impress her new beau, so this is what I would pick for her to wear.

Office wear

For everyone who has some amazing job they need to wake up to and go to everyday, here is a great fall option for you throw on a jacket my some legging (or brave it) and wear this to the office!

In the Town

Recently I love to go bowling or laser tag with my friends.... yes a little odd or weird but its fun but while I'm kicking all my friends butts I love to have one of the cutest outfits- you never know who your gonna run into while your out in the town.

Marc cont.

If you haven't had a history lesson on Marc Jacobs he started off at Perry Ellis! here are some more clothes...

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I have recently have acquired a new love for Marc Jacobs and if you don't know who that is you are officially living under a rock! here and some of my recent favorites by him for his ready to wear line.


Marc Jacobs is one of my FAVORITE! Designers... he started off with schooling at Parson in NY and there he created his first line of Knit Sweaters. He continued on with his career working at different industries growing with talent and experience until eventually branching off and starting his own line. he is truly amazing!


These shoes featured in this outfit gave me the excitement I haven't received from shoes for awhile. If you don't think they are the cutest things ever well then we need to have a talk. The little coat I also picked out can be nice if its a cold day and your out shopping in NY but you don't want to sacrifice your warmth for your fashion- this coat does this for you! This sparkle of a dress I picked out is perfect if your going to a party or you just want to have a little fun!

Running wear

Its always hard to figure out what to wear when you want to go for a run. Now yes maybe its not for you but when your a single girl and your out to impress whoever just happens to run past you, don't you want them to have a second glance because of how great you look when your running? Yes Yes you most definitely do... just a little side note guys get it so much easier especially if they are 'ripped'- they can just take off their shirt and wear of pair of shorts and just go running... NOT FAIR!


Most of the teens I know have had their homecoming already but its never to early to plan for your Prom or winter formal (if you have one).

~A PacificPlex Metallic Peackock dress, with a Anya Hindmarch Luce metallic leather fold-over cluch, and to finish off with a pair of nude heals~

Casual but Cute

Casual but Cute monday

cute but fierce

Red heals with some Black and White plaid

The Fall transition

The transition from summer to Autumn can be a challenge for many. Some just don't want to let go of the short shorts or the tank tops. The important thing to remember is with new seasons comes new clothes. Fashion week for the fall has already come an gone but that doesn't mean that there isn't new and improved things in the fashion world. Let your mind explore the new opportunities that come with the seasons, like a maxi skirt with a cute top or vest like I showed below. As the cool weather kicks in it brings new wonderful rich colors like; burgundy, browns, oranges etc. It is very important to remember to leave the season behind when it passes don't try to bring it with you, it like your past you don't want to keep living in it do you? 

This is a great fall outfit I created for my dear friend Anika

The transition

Fashion forward

I would like to welcome you to my new and first blog by Amelia Young, So WELCOME!

I maybe young (see what I did there) but I know what I want to do with my most important life. Other than my passion for singing I LOVE fashion! it is an art of piecing fabrics in the most unique ways that help one to express how they feel in what they wear. So with that of what I have just said lets begin. I love to show off what I have created on Polyvore, if you have yet to experience this website and you claim to love the art of fashion well... you have not yet really experienced the wonders of the different items out there in this world that we love but yet abuse. so go ahead and look around the site for a bit create new outfits use it to purchase new things and appreciate what great things others have made. If you stumble upon my blog and have a kind opinion or ideas for me to make my blog better please share them with me :)